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Jo Baner

Jo Baner

Ferndale, WA


Jo Baner is an award winning textile artist. Her work has been displayed in many venues across the United States. Textile art is my passion. I love "painting" with fabric and thread. I especially like to use my machines to put all of it together in a free-motion style. I use an A-1 Elite longarm quilting machine as well as a domestic sewing machine. I do everything hand guided as opposed to computerized machines. I sometimes even accent my pieces with handwork. Making art quilts is my passion, so the hundreds of hours that is put into each piece is a pleasure for me. My love for the natural beauty we engage in every day started in my teens with photography. I really like to translate my photos into pictures of fabric. I have now branched out into drawing with pencils and painting with water colors. I also like to dye paint on fabric and bring it to life with thread. With all of these mediums available to me, I am never bored. There is so much art to make. I hope you enjoy my artwork!



Sunny by Jo Baner


Floral Fantasy by Jo Baner


Mt.Shuksan in Gray by Jo Baner


Rising from the Ashes by Jo Baner


Orcas at Play by Jo Baner


Jellies of the Sea by Jo Baner


Birds and Blooms by Jo Baner


Stanley by Jo Baner


Hat Trick by Jo Baner


Serenity by Jo Baner


Splash of Tulips by Jo Baner


Room for One More by Jo Baner


The Old Barn by Jo Baner


Barn Owl by Jo Baner


American Eagle Owl by Jo Baner


Bottles by Jo Baner


Barney Whoo? by Jo Baner


Red Eyed Tree Frog by Jo Baner


Buddies by Jo Baner


Ecstasy at Midnight by Jo Baner


Aboriginal Woman by Jo Baner


Reflections of Mt.Shuksan by Jo Baner


Painted Ladies by Jo Baner